Bishop´s Office

General Introduction Vision Statement A Diocese where the spiritual and physical needs of the people of God are realized Mission Statement “Integral Evangelization of God’s People” through the promotion of

Catechetical Commission

The Diocesan Catechetical Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Solwezi exists to take care of the Catechetical needs of the diocese by overseeing faith formation programmes, catechetical text books, syllabus,

Diocesan Liturgical Commission

The Liturgical Commission is an arm within the Pastoral Department whose major objective is to oversee and spearhead the implementation of proposals in liturgical matters. The major activity of the

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry of the CDoS is spearheaded by the Diocesan Youth Coordinator/Chaplain. The Youth Office aims at providing a distinctive contribution to the integral growth and development of young

History of Solwezi Diocese Bishops

Rt. Rev. Charles Joseph Sampa Kasonde
Rt. Rev. Alick Banda – 2007-2009
Rt. Rev. Noel Charles O’regan, SMA – 1995 -2004
Rt. Rev. Severiano Abdon Potani, OFM Conventual – 1970-1993